Software Engineer - Blockchain

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We are CoBloX, the R&D lab of TenX - a growth-stage startup - with the mission to bring cryptocurrencies to the masses. This means you can expect to find a fast-paced environment, bleeding-edge technology, and a group of highly motivated engineers and researchers, collaborating to change the world.

We are building COMIT, an open protocol facilitating trustless cross-blockchain applications. Our current objective is to set the industry standard for atomic swaps across major public open blockchains.

Location: Sydney, Australia


About you:

* Are you a curious engineer who is excited about blockchain technology?

* Do you value open source software and want to contribute to it?

* Are you keen to solve problems that no one has solved before?

* You prefer learning new concepts over learning new frameworks.

* Learning new programming languages is one of your hobbies.

* You are interested in cryptography.

Your skills:

* You enjoy employing functional programming concepts.

* You are familiar with strongly-typed languages such as C, C++, Go or Haskell.

* You have experience with or are interested in learning Rust.


Perks of working with us:

* A casual work environment where results matter more than office time
* Developer-friendly tools, whether it's Linux, BSD or Mac that you prefer

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