Customer Success Specialist

Singapore · Community and Support


Founded in Singapore in 2015, TenX is global blockchain and virtual currency focused company that is developing financial applications to revolutionise everyday payments.

TenX is comprised of a talented team of developers, marketing experts, designers, lawyers, cryptography and security specialists. TenX even have bankers and accountants on their team ready to create the foundation for exponential growth within the digital currency space.

We are looking for a junior customer success professional as part of ongoing efforts to scale our customer support operations and help build a world class customer support team to meet the demands of our rapidly expanding user base.

Job Duties:


Bonus points if:


  1. such existing agreement was entered into by TenX and such recruitment agency before submission by such recruitment agency of the CV/resume of a candidate; AND
  2. such recruitment agency was given express instructions or consent by a representative of TenX to refer such candidate to TenX.

In the event of referrals by a recruitment agency in breach of any of the foregoing (or, to the extent applicable, any other terms and conditions of the relevant existing agreement between such recruitment agency and TenX), TenX will treat the candidates as candidates applying without any referrals from any recruitment agency, and accordingly, TenX shall not be obliged to make any payment of agency or referral fees in respect of such candidates to such recruitment agency.

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